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Winter Hair Care – How I Care for my Natural Type 4 strands during the Winter

Winter Hair Care – How I Care for my Natural Type 4 strands during the Winter

How I Care for my Natural Type 4 strands during the Winter

Many Naturals face a challenge ever winter when it comes to keeping those strands healthy and moisturized.  It took me some trial and error to find the best methods for me to keep my hair healthy.  Last winter I finally saw improved health and length retention during the colder months.  Below are some Winter Hair Care tips that have helped me retain length.


1. Stay on top of moisture Use  products infused with nutrient rich ingredients.  Instead of using lighter products, such as hair milks and sprays, I use thicker, creamier products to lock moisture in.   Harsh winter winds can dry the hair out! Take extra care to prevent dryness.

Hair Tip: use a spray bottle to mist hair with water before applying a leave in moisturizer.


2. Deep condition every time the hair is washed to boost moisture and strengthen hair

3. Protective styles– it is very helpful to keep the hair protected whenever   possible. This is my favorite way to protect my hair in the winter.  I absolutely can not wear my hair out when its cold and expect it to stay looking decent (without retouching) when it is cold.  A protective style is any style protects your hair from the elements, (wind, sun, manipulation, ect.) That includes: braids, weaves & wigs, and updo’s that can last a few days with minimal manipulation.  Covering your hair with a wrap or satin lined cap is also helpful. I’m currently rocking  a sew in, but I will utilize different forms of protective styling until Spring arrives. : )

winterhaircare protectivestyles
protective styling, Clip-ins!


4. Cover your hair at night– use your satin scarf or bonnet every night!

5. Green House Method– use the Green House Method (baggy method) for an overnight moisture boost. On damp or wet hair,apply  deep conditioner treatments, oils, or a  leave in conditioner. Cover the hair with a plastic cap over night.  Click here to learn more about the Green House Method.

6. Avoid: coconut oil as a sealant in winter: it is a penetrating oil, won’t seal in moisture.

7. Seal / protect ends– prevents damage, locks in moisture, promotes shine. Use an oil or heavy cream to seal your ends.

8. Avoid wash n Go’s– for obvious reasons, they  take too long to dry in winter and the cold winter air can over dry the hair

9. Drink more water– there are countless health benefits for the body, drinking water hydrates your body and hair from the inside out

10. Trim ends as needed. –  It will be much easier to manage the hair without split damaged ends. Trimmed ends  keeps your styles looking polished and prevents splits from traveling up the hair shaft.

11. Oil scalp– Use natural oils for a healthier scalp, which  helps to stimulate hair growth.


How do you prevent damage to your tresses in the harsh winter months?

4 thoughts on “Winter Hair Care – How I Care for my Natural Type 4 strands during the Winter”

  • I needed all of this info. I wish I could do neat twists because I would wear them in for a few days but I never do them in a way that are acceptable for outside my bedroom lol.

  • Some pretty good tips. I avoid coconut oil for the most part all year long. It’s not good for my 4 (beyond C) hair. I’m guilty of not sleeping with a bonnet. I think having silk (soft) pillow cases can assist with that as well.
    I definitely do protective styles, I plan on getting Faux locs, braids and going to my go to loose twist (with my own hair).
    Great read and great tips.
    Thanks for sharing!

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