My Survival Playlist: Songs that Keep Me going

 My Survival Playlist: Songs that Keep me going



Sometimes all you really need is a good playlist to keep you going.

I grew up on r/b and rap and I still love it to this day… proceed with caution.


In another life, I imagine myself cute as Solange and as skilled as D.J. Grand Master Flash with the turntables. Unfortunately, I’m just a music enthusiast and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been one since a tender age.  (Raise your hand if you made radio mixtapes.)I always used music as a type of therapy.  Below is a list of some of the songs that kept me motivated this year.

1. “Frequency” – Jhene Aiko
2. “Glow”- Drake, Kanye West
3. “Rolls Royce B****” –   2-Chains
4. “Bounce Back”- Big Sean
5. “OLLA (only lovers left alive)”- Jhene Aiko
6.” Formation” – Beyoncé
7. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” – Beyoncé
8. “Light”  – big Sean
9. “Juicy” -Biggie
10.” Appletree”- Erykah Badu
11. “Mc Gyver”- Kevin Gates
12. “Don’t Touch My Hair”- Solange
13. “Junie”- Solange
14. “CRZY” – Kehlani
15. “Realize” – 2-chains, Nicki Minaj
16. “Land of the Snakes” – J.cole
17. “G.O.M.D”  J.cole
18. “Go Gina” – SZA
19. “Family Feud” – Jay- z and Beyoncé
20. “DNA”-  Kendrick Lamar
21. “Humble” – Kendrick Lamar
22. “Silver Lining”- Jasmine Sullivan
23. “Survivor”- Destiny’s Child
24. “Beautiful”- Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dog
25. “Flawless”- Beyoncé
26. “Blessings” – Lecrae
27. “Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys
28. “Sky Walker”- Miguel
29. “Imagine that”- Kevin Gates
30. “Sunday Morning Jet Pack” – Big Sean


1.”Frequency” – Jhene’ Aiko

The main thing I needed this year was a healing. So much as been going on in my personal life and in the world. This song is a cry for healing.

2. “Glow”- Drake and Kanye West

This one is a reminder to never let anyone dim your light, and to keep “Glowing” despite the hate.

3. Rolls Royce B**** 2 Chains

‘Cause you gotta believe in yourself

4. “Bounce Back”- Big Sean

Setbacks are going to happen, but that bounceback though.

5.  “OLLA(Only lovers left Alive)” Jhene Aiko

How it feels sometimes, trying to stay positive in a negative space.

6.  “Formation”- Beyonce

Yass! I put this one on when I need to remember who I am.

7. “Don’t hurt yourself” – Beyonce

When you play me, you play yourself, and that’s a fact.

8.  “Light”- Big Sean

Never let anyone take from you what makes you whole.

9. “Juicy” The Notorious B.I.G.

When I first heard this song I didn’t half of what this man was talking about, lol. ” You know very well, who you are, don’t let them hold you down.” I felt those words. This is a song for the dreamers.

10. “Appletree” Erykah Badu


11. “McGyver” – Kevin Gates

It’s a mood.

12. “Don’t Touch My Hair” -Solange

Don’t touch my crown, this here is mine.

13. “Junie” – Solange

If you want it, you must do the work.

14. “CRZY” – Kehani

“And I kill ’em with compassion.” I love this song! A turn-up anthem about smashing goals dispite whatever and whoever.


15. “Realize”- 2 Chains, Nicki Minaj

I’m just ‘gon sit this right here.

16. “Land of the snakes”- J.cole

Watch the snakes ‘cuz the watching you…

17. “G.O.M.D.”-J.Cole

Sometimes I go off.  See #14.  This song has a deeper meaning, addressing themes of unity and racism.  I love this song because it hiiiits! J.Cole is also letting us know he just wants to do his thing and to let him do that. I can relate.

18. Go Gina- SZA

Don’t disturb the glow up.

19. “Family Feud” Jay-Z, Beyonce

Family Over Everything!

20. “DNA” Kendrick Lamar

I am made of strength. Born of Courage.


21. “Humble” – Kendrick Lamar

Be humble.

22.  “Silver Lining” -Jazmine Sullivan

The Power of Positivity.

23. Survivor- Destiny’s Child

Because the only way to survive is to keep fighting.

24. “Beautiful” – Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dog

Just a reminder to all my Queens: You are beautiful!

25.  “Flawless (Bow Down)”- Beyonce

Queen things!! A.  Mood.

26. “Blessings” – Lecrae

I have to remember that even though this life gets tough, every single time I thought I took a loss it turned into a blessing!

27. “Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys

I am the pressure and I bring the fire.

28. Sky Walker- Miguel

Enjoy the moment.

29. “Imagine That” – Kevin Gates

“Feeling like it’s all on me…”

30.  “Sunday Morning Jetpack” – Big Sean




I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me a song on your survival playlist that has inspired you recently in the comments.

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