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“Friendships got Tainted, I remained Amazing”

“Friendships got Tainted, I remained Amazing”

Friendships got tainted, I remained Amazing: How to Rise Above Despite the Nonsense

I find inspiration every where.

“Friendships got tainted, I remained Amazing.” is a line from the song “Why I” on Kevin Gates’ album,  By Any Means 2. This song  talks about situations that didn’t work out with so-called friends, or people dear to us that hurt us, but its ok because everything that happens is a lesson meant to help us to rise above, let go and shine. If you read my previous post, you would know I like my rap/trap music. Lol.
I’ve been through my fair share of trials and I know what it is like to feel broken.  Bullshit can break you if you let it. The trick is to use any negative feelings or emotions and turn it around and use it for positive motivation.

Real Queens know how to turn pain into power, using those  same stones that were thrown at her.

I noticed a reoccurring theme on my timelines: Everybody’s talking about fake friends and snakes .  It seems as  though dealing with betrayal , mistrust, and hurt is something more people have in common than they care to admit.    I found that  kind of crazy because its something I deal with too, but rarely talk about. I avoid negativity like the plaque so sometimes when I’m confronted with it  I am  caught by surprise. I was naïve.

It truly does hurt any time you put trust in somebody and they betray that trust… whether it be friends, family, spouse, or  any one you truly care for.
Never get revenge, just get better. Okay so it happened. You might be feeling some type of negative emotions. But the best thing you can do for your self is to just learn from it, get better, and try not to make the same mistakes again. Focus on the positive and move forward.

In this life, if you love you will get hurt.  I love hard so I sometimes I hurt just as hard.  It’s worth it to love and be loved.  Blessings come from loving purely.
When people show you who they are, believe them. Remember some people who you thought were a blessing in your life turn out to be a lesson, and that’s okay.  Learn from it and move forward.

In order to rise above one must first be able to recognize the signs of a fake friend or Toxic person.

It may hurt to let go but it is the best thing to do for your own personal freedom.
If they are not bringing anything  positive then they got to go! People can only meet you at  the level they are on.
If you tell that friend how you feel about something bothering you, and they show you they don’t care, then let it go!

I know what I want and what I deserve. I deserve reciprocity. I’ve settled too many times and way to long. I’m never going back to how it used to be. I’ll never allow myself to  get used all the way up by the people around me because I didn’t know how to say no! I blame myself because I did not want to say no at the time. I LOVE helping people. But no one deserves to be treated poorly and every one deserves respect.

I Said what I said, and now I  am releasing it.
I find peace in knowing that I did what I could and I always came from a place of good intentions. You must forgive and  let it go, or you will become like the person who hurt you.

Always remember to grow through what you go through and  everything happens for a reason.
Try not to  take poor treatment personally, the way people treat you is really  a reflection of who they are as a human being. It says nothing about you. Its up to you to decide if you want to accept it. I’ve also realized that I have to learn to manage my expectations of others.  Everyone does not have the same heart  as me.

How did you  get over the hurt of past relationships?

5 thoughts on ““Friendships got Tainted, I remained Amazing””

  • Hit the nail on the head. I lost my best friend over 10 years ago and even though things are never the same I moved on and found peace. I learned many lessons about myself and that person. I am proud of who I am today and don’t think I would be the same had that friendship remained.

  • This post is pot on! You deal with toxic people and those who have hurt you by rising above, being better not bitter, and moving on. In time it gets easier to do. Great read!

  • This piece is perfect! One of the biggest lessons I learnt concerning friendships is that they don’t always have to be toxic to be wrong, some things or people simply aren’t for you. One of the biggest lessons I learnt concerning toxic people is that part of my healing process involves first forgiving myself and second forgiving that person, regardless of whether or not they apologise! Time heals all- the key is to always focus on being a better you!

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