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Crisis Mode: How do you handle a Crisis?

Crisis Mode: How do you handle a Crisis?

Crisis Mode: How do you handle a Crisis?

Are you gonna cry about it or are you gonna boss up? First of all, Imma do both.


You gonna cry about it or Boss up_


How do you handle a crisis?
1. Run from it? (run/ignore it)
2. Sulk in it (pity party)
3. Power through (boss up)
4. All of the above
As I’ve dealt with crisis after crisis, sometimes I wonder how I’m still here. I often feel alone in situations I go through. Even though I have the best friends a girl could ask for, I often find myself hurting because I have once again placed false expectations on the wrong people. The hard part about that is I find myself expecting to receive the same love in return from the people who are supposed to care the most for me.
I even get disappointed with my husband at times for simply not getting it.
Unless a person has been through what you have been through then they won’t understand. The best they can do it try to be understanding and compassionate.
When it feels like everything is falling apart what do you do?
Are you gonna boss up or are you gonna cry about it?
Life is hard. Every time I think I’m taking a step forward it feels like I’m getting knocked at least 2 steps back.
When going through a crisis, there are only a few ways to handle the situation:
1. Run from it
Not recommended but definitely an option. We can live in denial and ignore the problem, hoping it goes away on its own.
I call this giving up. The only difference between a winner and a loser is, the winner did not give up

2.Sulk in it
It is easy to find yourself feeling defeated, enjoying your own little pity party for one. It is easy to feel stuck in the pain, paralyzed by negative thoughts.
Its okay to feel your feelings. Everyone gets tired at some point.
(surround yourself with people who care, cry about if you need to, then boss tf up)
The key is to never let the situation hold you back.


3. Power Through
Everybody is not built the same and different people with different life experiences and backgrounds handle things differently.

Even when you feel like giving up, there is always a little bit more of inner strength to be discovered to push on a little more. You must dig deep and have faith to make it through a crisis.

Just like any elite team, the  Olympics, (Team USA), The Lakers in their prime, Jay and Bey, … they were trained for this. Even if you have no clue what you are getting into, staying strong will help you succeed.

I tend to overthink, overreact and be a drama queen when faced with a new scary situation.
I ask God why me, but I always come out better and stronger than before.


With all the things I’ve dealt with throughout my life, at times I may have seemed broken, but I never quit. I won’t speak those words onto myself because I strongly believe in the power of words. As long as you believe in your own inner strength you are powerful.

I am strong, I am a fighter, I am royalty and I’ll never quit.

In any dilemma you really only have two options; Cry about it or boss up, there is no running, anything you are running from will catch up to you sooner or later and will need to be addressed.
How you handle tough situations shows character and inner strength.
How do you handle your hardest battles? What did you learn from the situation?


P.S. Don’t spend a second thought worried about who is NOT THERE for you. You got this, sis!

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12 thoughts on “Crisis Mode: How do you handle a Crisis?”

  • Yes!!! You are as strong as you say you are! Each test is a success and we as women have an inner strength that most ppl don’t know how to tap into. It’s all about spiritual connection and balance. Love ya SIS

  • I definitely boss up! Crisis makes me stronger, for sure! Never thought how exactly I handle crisis but thanks to your post I just realized! Thank you for sharing! ❤

  • I have to boss up. I’ve surprised myself what I’m actually capable of when I’ve been faced with a crisis. I’ve also learnt to breathe through tough situations and know that tomorrow is another day! Things will get better!

  • I think I am somewhere between sulking in and bossing up! I am sometimes torn between these states until eventually I get out of the situation!

  • It depends on the crisis. Death, I can power through but other things take me a while to get through. I kind of freeze.

    • Well that’s amazing! I’ve been dealing with death more than I’d like to admit lately & it’s been one of the hardest challenges. I was able to power through those situations, but I sometimes let nonsense annoy me easily!! I’m getting better at dealing with it all though.

  • I tend to just power through it. I do not run because I know it’ll catch up and that’s such a waste of energy. I also don’t sulk in it because like running from it, it’s a waste of energy and it doesn’t make it go away. People have different processes for dealing with hardships and whatever works, works.

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