Hi, I’m Jasmine, a wife, mother, natural hair lover, health care professional, educator, travel enthusiast and creator of The Crowning Glory. Some of my favorite things are: My crown (natural hair),quality time with family and friends, reading, and crafting. I also love deep conversations, great food, and a good concert.


My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve gained along the way during my hair journey so that it may help and inspire others. It is my passion to uplift others. I always get hair questions everywhere I go so I wanted to start this site to share with and help you all to keep going with your healthy hair journeys. I am on a natural lifestyle journey and will be sharing that with you all as well.


I’ve been on my natural hair journey over four years, transitioning for a year and a half of that!

I had long relaxed hair for most of my life. Suddenly my relaxed hair started breaking off, to the shortest its ever been and it was around that time that I made the commitment for a healthy hair journey. I returned to natural upon learning just how dangerous relaxers can be. I was tired of having my scalp burnt and feeling tortured as I let the relaxer “sit”. I knew it was only a matter of time before repeated scalp burns would take their toll.
Living in a small town, I really had to be smart, frugal and creative at times in caring for my hair. Some products are just hard to find or very expensive. Throughout my hair journey I’ve learned to use what I have by making use of disliked products, mixing my “cocktails” and finding deals and sales, all the while maintaining a healthy head of hair. I’ve also found a few holy grail products that I would pay more for and chase to the ends of the earth if need be.

This is a community
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