2017 Revelations vs. 2018 Resolutions

2017 Revelations vs. 2018 Resolutions

2017 Made Me a Better Woman for 2018 and Beyond…



This year was quite a trip.

I prayed a specific prayer at the end of 2016. That prayer was for growth, healing, and revelations. I prayed for a spiritual Healing from God. I needed help with figuring out who was really for me, too. I asked God to place people in my life that mean me well and remove those who don’t.



I had goals way bigger than my circumstances, but I finally knew what I really wanted. The funny thing about what I really want is that it looks different from what a lot of people want. My goals are not your goals and I brag different, lol. Even so,  fundamentally we are the same. We all just want to to be happy, and do things that truly speak to our heart and accomplish all our dreams. Most of us want a partner to grow old with and someone who gets us. So as painful as the lessons where it was just what I needed.

2017 Revelations

1. If you want something, you better be ready to do the work. I’m talking about late nights, early mornings and catching sleep whenever I can. Pray, meditation and self-care. Getting to the root of your emotional and mental blocks.

2. I figured out who really was for me. I noticed who checked on me just because.  I also noticed those I went over and beyond for who could care less about me. I felt exactly how people felt about me through their nasty attitudes petty actions. This was a tough one. I lost so many people these last couple years I was at a point where I was like God who ever wants to leave, let them go!
I’ll never forget the shift! After getting really tired of trying to “figure people out” I was a little distraught at some unanswered calls and texts from one of my closest friends. At this point, I’m thinking to myself, “ This woman has shown me nothing but love and loyalty, so what is up!” I reminded myself not to take it personally, but at the same time learning to roll with the punches. If it’s the worst, at least now I know and can get over it. You never know what someone is going through and as I was dealing with a lot myself I just decided to reach out. Communication is key and I didn’t want to lose someone I’ve considered a sister for so long over some foolishness. Come to find out she was dealing with something! After effective communication, all is well in the neighborhood again.

3. This entrepreneur thang ain’t easy. When you are working for yourself and by yourself, it can get a little overwhelming. From the everyday duties of being a wife and mother to people not respecting what you do, it can be a lot. Organization and consistency is key!

4. Family is still everything. I’m going to be a rider for my family because that’s what I believe, and that’s how my husband was raised. It’s the worst hurt when family hurts you, but now I’m so stronger for it! So how can I be worried about a troll when I got family that doesn’t like me?

I’m still going to love them and you! 


5. I learned how to be a submissive wife. This I’m still not perfect at. If I think he’s wrong I’m going to check him, lol As two kids that fell and grew in love at 17… this is so hard for me. We have been dating since high school with a few distractions along the way, and about to be married for 4 years and I used to think of submission as a bad word.   I’m no marriage expert, I can only say what works for us. My husband loves and appreciates when I listen to him and not when I’m being stubborn and difficult. Our marriage grew stronger intentionally through teamwork and communication.

6. I grew as a parent. Learning to accept my child for who he was, was a big part of that. My son is the most handsome, intelligent child, but he can be difficult at times. Being the most patient and understanding with the kids in my life and remembering to be that person I needed when I was younger really helped with that. Plus, I’ve been waiting for a God Child, and I finally have her! My heart is full.

7. I built my own website Y’all!

God gave me the inner strength I needed to put myself on!

I have been so hard on myself, because although this was a year of tremendous growth I saw many setbacks. I also surprised myself so many times! I didn’t know a thing about building a website when I started, but I wanted to challenge myself and learn a new skill. I now have subscribers from around the world! Look at God!

8. I learned how to ignore the nonsense. You must be focused to be great, you can’t let every little thing distract you.

9. Sometimes pain brings the biggest lessons. 2017 hurt like hell but I’m better for it!

10. I realize I trigger people. I am a direct and honest person and not everyone can handle that. I also know that I could be a little more gracious when dealing with people.  I’ve graduated from the days of shrinking myself to make others comfortable.

2018 Resolutions

1. Continue to grow as a woman. I just want to take every aspect of my life to the next level.

2. Move! It is time for more space with this growing family

3. Have our vow renewal planned in 6 months

4. Generate two more sources of income

5. Continue my education

6. Travel outside of the country

7. Launch my Youtube Channel

8. Host an event

9. Be consistent with my workouts 

10. Make meaningful connections, while cherishing the marvelous people currently in my life.

What has 2017 taught you? What changes or resolutions do you want for your self in the new year?

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  1. I loved this post! Very inspiring! “God broke me down to build me up”…that quote is so me this year too! Your resolutions are on point…

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